Welcome! New Undergraduate Students & Graduate Students!

How to study with us?

Hokkaido University welcomes potential students from all over the world. Look our beautiful campus!

Will you be a undergraduate student of Hokkaido Univ.?

Will you be a graduate student (master course) of Hokkaido Univ.?

We have an English program for foreign and Japanese students.

Will you be a PhD candidate of our lab.?

How about getting a PhD degree in Japan? Sapporo is one of the best place to live in Japan! Wonderful seasons are waiting for you! Also, we have talented researchers, who can speak and discuss English fluently.

Students from most countries from over the world can apply MEXT scholarships.

Taiwanese can apply Koryu Kyokai (交流協会)scholarships.
Look also “Gateway to Study in Japan”(日本留學門戸網坫).

Southeast Asians can also apply JICA scholarships.