Students’ groups

Our laboratory is currently engaged in four major research topics. Students have formed a group for each topic and help each other in their research. The research topics are explained below with a simple diagram. Detailed information about these topics as well as other research topics can be found on the University website.

Sputtering Group

We are tackling challenges in synthesizing metal nanoparticles using sputtering. As shown in the diagram, sputtering is a process for discharging metallic atoms or clusters by introducing a sputtering gas in a high vacuum, ionizing it, and then sputtering a target with it. The sputtered matter collected in a capture medium will form nanoparticles. It is possible to obtain extremely fine particles, and they shine in spite of being metal!


Chemical Reduction Group

Our group synthesizes nanoparticles primarily using chemical reduction processes. Some of the nanoparticles synthesized by the DMF reduction method shine blue. We analyze the structure of nanoparticles using TEM and IR and their functions using fluorescent measurement.


PE Group

The focus of our group is printed electronics (PE). We synthesize copper fine particles by the chemical reduction process and produce ink paste. We are also investigating potential applications of gold nanoparticles for PE.


Plasma Group

We are studying the plasma in liquid process. We generate plasma in water as shown in the diagram on the right. The temperature increases to a very high level; however, the temperature of the water only increases to 100 ˚C; thus, we can attempt many interesting things. We are trying to find new fuel cell materials and photocatalyst materials.


Electrochemistry Group

We electrochemically analyze “corrosion,” which is a factor that causes material-induced accidents, by simulating real environments. We are attempting to make contri
butions that can be marked on a map.