Our laboratory consists of four faculty members, two researchers, an administrative assistant, seven doctoral students, nine master program students, and five undergraduate students. In addition, we accept internship students from abroad every summer, which contributes to the liveliness of our lab.

Our laboratory is always seeking students who wish to join or continue their studies in our master’s or doctoral program, both domestically and internationally. Our door is always open to welcome you to the rewarding learning experience. For students are applying for divisions other than the Division of Material Science and Engineering, oral examinations are available. We also welcome working adults who seek a doctoral degree. Hokkaido University has e-learning, and students who live in remote areas may obtain credits by participating in lectures through e-learning. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

A group photo showing all the students who attended a seminar


Academic researcher

  • Hiroki Tsukamoto

Doctoral Program


  • Takashi Asano

English Course D3

  • Lu Xu

English Course D2

  • Porta Matteo
  • Yinquiong Yong

English Course D1

  • David Cempel
  • Ryan Corpuz

Master’s Program


  • Koya Igarashi
  • Hiroaki Shirai
  • Ryota Nakabayashi
  • Hirotaka Mizukami
  • Yasutomo Motokane

Undergraduate students

  • Takato Minoshima
  • Wataru Doshin
  • Ryota Sakaki
  • Fumika Nishino
  • Ryo Hashimoto


  • Michiko Murata