1 year in our lab.


Lecture on Safety Guidelines All students are required to attend this lecture before engaging in any experiment.
Welcome party Free, of course, for the fourth-year students
Experiments start Each student is given a research theme and starts working aggressively.
Research Plan Meeting The meeting to present a research plan for the year. Think thoroughly before developing your plan. Do research and ask your professors and seniors questions. Take the lead in establishing communication.
Research begins Research is fun. We get to be the first to know the things nobody else knows yet. Efforts open doors for the future. Your true ability is very important.


First Semester:April-July

Second Semester:October-December

Journal Meeting Students read, prepare handouts, present, and discuss the contents of leading-edge English research papers published in academic journals. The point is whether students developed a solid understanding of the paper. This exercise helps them develop the skills necessary to understand other researchers’ papers, a useful skill on the job. The fourth-year students also practice presentation skills (lecture). For other students, this is an “exercise” course. You should never neglect this course.
Analysis Meeting From time to time, students report progress on their research to the lab members. It is a good opportunity to summarize your research. Present all data, whether good or bad, and obtain advice and constructive criticism to move forward in the right direction.


Annual events:April-March

Discussion with the faculty members (everyday) Students should always seek an opportunity to discuss their research with professors. Discussions will enhance your mental faculties. You can gradually gain communication skills and ingenuity, which will increase your odds of landing a job. Who want to hire a person who cannot talk about their work intelligently?
Group meeting(once in two weeks) Meetings in each group. Group members report progress in their research, engage in discussions, and obtain guidelines for the next step. Students are encouraged to prepare a well-thought-out presentation, not just a summary of data.



Internship Soon internship students will visit Japan from abroad and begin research and training. Japanese students should make friends with them and master English!
Great season The days are getting longer. It gets light around four or five in the morning. A good season is here.



Genghis Khan (Japanese grilled meat dish) party Let’s have a famous Hokkaido University Genghis Khan Party. A cool summer is coming soon. Let’s eat tons of meat!
Futsal Competition Material Science vs. Applied Material Research labs compete in the Futsal competition. Let’s play together and win the competition!
Hokkaido Univ. Engineering Athletic Festival Athletic festival for the undergraduates! Do your best!



The senior students start studying for the graduate school entrance examination.


Graduate School Entrance Examination Good luck to you, senior students!
Baseball Tournament Material Science vs. Applied Material Research Laboratories Baseball Tournament, followed by a drinking party. By the way, we won first place in 2013!!
Interim Research Report Meeting Students summarize and analyze the outcomes of their research from the last six months. They also build future plans for the next step.



Let’s enjoy Genghis Khan and Pacific saury, famous Hokkaido dishes.


The due date for the interim summaries for the graduation thesis and thesis for master degree

Get ready for the last spurt!


Thesis presentation! Are you happy with yours?


Farewell Party

It is a send-off party. Wish you the best!