Research Consultation, Joint Research, and Sponsored Research

We welcome opportunities for research consultation, joint research, and commissioned research.

We can work hand in hand with various corporations through joint research or commissioned research. We also welcome contributions. Because we conduct very promising and interesting research, we do not mind working very hard.

The members of the lab are not only experts in the synthesis and analyses of nanoparticles and measurement of physical properties of nanoparticles; they also have wide-ranging knowledge in high polymers, amphiphilic molecules, organic synthesis, self-organization of nanomaterials, and electron transfer. Furthermore, they have considerable experience in handling electrochemical reactions such as corrosion, metal annealing, electroconductive material, ceramics materials, and electron microscopes. We are also tackling challenges in the field of mass analysis.

Of course, we are not conducting our research behind the closed doors; we have many personal contacts in Japan as well as all over the world, and we are equipped with excellent problem-solving abilities.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are looking forward to receiving proposals from universities and national research centers for cooperative research efforts. Undergraduate and graduate students, please contact us via your advisor.



  • Control of high polymers in the surface area of nanoparticles
  • Design and fabrication of low-temperature annealing fine particles
  • Surface treatment and dispersion of fine particles
  • Two-dimensional nanoparticle arrays
  • Nanoparticles that absorb light with specific characteristics
  • Control of nanoparticle size
  • Synthesis of surface active agent molecules
  • Development of particular metal surface treatment agent
  • Design of nanomaterials for mass analysis